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Utiliser pip derrière un proxy - webdevdesigner

j'essaie d'utiliser pip derrière un proxy au travail.

l'Une des réponses de ce post a suggéré d'utiliser CNTLM . Je l'ai installé et configuré par cet autre post , mais l'exécution cntlm.exe -c cntlm.ini -I -M a donné l'erreur Connection to proxy failed, bailing out .

j'ai aussi essayé pip install -–proxy=user:pass@localhost:3128 (le port CNTLM par défaut...

How "pip install" Works - dev

What happens when you run pip install <somepackage>? A lot more than you might think. Python's package ecosystem is quite complex.

First pip needs to decide which distribution of the package to install.
This is more complex for Python than many other languages, since each version (or release) of a Python package usually has multiple distributions. There are 7 different kinds of distribution...