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Pythonic monotonic - nedbatchelder

In a recent conversation, someone shared some code from a book about technical job interviews. They wanted to know if I agreed that the code was "Pythonic."

The problem was to find the runs of increasing and decreasing values in a list, and to produce a sequence of the runs, but to reverse the decreasing runs, so that they are also increasing. This was the "Python...

Python Tutorials – Real Python - realpython

Build and Submit HTML Forms With Django -- Part 4 {#build-and-submit-html-forms-with-django-part-4 .card-title .h2 .my-0 .py-0}

In the final part of this tutorial series, you'll continue to build out a social network with Django. You'll wrap up by working with Django forms, learning how to display helpful error messages, setting up dynamic URLs in your app, and more.<...